Kevin Scott Banks

Experiencing Fall Colors at the Great Smoky Mountains

I’ve always wanted to experience the Great Smoky Mountains in the midst of the beautiful Fall season. This October, my wife Briana and I finally made that dream a reality. We packed our bags, booked a campsite in the Cades Cove Campground, and spent 4 wonderful days enjoying the outdoors. When I say wonderful, I […]

Our Hawaiian Honeymoon!

Wowzers, my wife and I had a fabulous Hawaiian honeymoon! It was Briana’s first time ever in Hawaii, and my first time returning since I lived there over 10 years ago. We planned to spend the first half of our honeymoon on the island of Kauai, where the pace is a little bit slower. Then, […]

Garden of the Gods at Shawnee National Forrest

Some friends and I planned a recent trip to the Shawnee National Forrest in Southern Illinois. It’s an area known for many trees (duh), but also a few natural wonders. The “Garden of the gods” is probably the most famous of those, and attracts multitudes of tourists each year. We had a good-sized group, 9 […]

Muletown Musings on a Monday

Well my sister Kaylee and I took a wee break from our “Bankstameets” over the past year. The last one we went on was our California Coast trip a full year ago. I guess it was so epic that we needed some time off. In any case, we decided to resurrect our tradition, and recently […]

A Perfect Touch of Lightning

It’s been far too long since I took my camera out just for fun. No clients. No expectations. Just me and the scenery. Tonight I had nothing planned. It’s Christmas break, and I’ve taken the week off from work, so there hasn’t been much going on all week. Earlier in the week, I made a […]

The Many Colors of Radnor Lake

These last couple of weeks in Nashville have brought unbelievably beautiful weather. How can you resist a weekend hike at Radnor Lake, Nashville’s hidden-but-not-so-secret nature park? That’s exactly what my girlfriend Briana and I did yesterday. I challenged myself by only bringing one lens – a Nikon 58mm F1.4. It’s my new favorite lens, mostly […]

The Master’s Work on Display in Nashville

Man oh man do I love Fall in Nashville! When it comes to landscape photography, color is the number one element that makes a great image in my opinion. Yes, composition and lighting are crucially important, but I think color is what really makes an image pop. I had a little spare time this past […]

WMM Uganda Trip: Mission Accomplished

The World Music Mission to Kampala, Uganda has been accomplished! It’s been a week since we returned from our long and successful trip. After a little breathing room, I’m ready to recap the last few days of the trip. Buckle up, this will be a longer, but most insightful post. With three days packed full […]

WMM Uganda Trip: Passing It On

Today marked the halfway point of the World Music Mission Kampala Conference. We have seen such a great response already from everyone involved. Another busy day of teaching and breakout groups was in store for today. Before all the action started, however, I had a mini-adventure in the early hours of the day. I was […]

WMM Uganda Trip: Building on the Foundation

The second day of the World Music Mission Conference is in the books. Our team gathered together late last night to discuss what worked and how we could improve on the first day. I’m pleased to say that we put our ideas into action and had a successful day! We saw many new faces today, […]

WMM Uganda Trip: Let the Conference Begin

The first day of the World Music Mission Kampala Conference was a big success. It passed like a blur, but many awesome moments took place, and God was definitely among us! Things have been going at a fast pace, with lots of students attending and lots of responsibilities for each of our team members. I’ll have to […]

WMM Uganda Trip: Recruiting the Next Generation

I’m finding that sleep is a relative idea here in Uganda. It seems like the entire town, goats and dogs included, comes together to form a constant stream of noise. Perhaps the most perplexing is the local mosque that chooses to broadcast it’s morning prayer over a LOUDSPEAKER every morning at 5am. It’s woken me […]

WMM Uganda Trip: Sending Out Sound Waves

African rains ushered in day 4 our of trip. I found them to be peaceful and relaxing. It made for a slower morning, since apparently everything here gets delayed when it rains. It gave me time to enjoy some time alone and a cup of African coffee (coffee with milk and sugar). A few more […]

WMM Uganda Trip: Visiting Orphans, Training Leaders

Wow. What a day. It’s fairly late as I’m typing this. We packed a lot into our day today, and it’s taken me quite awhile to prepare the photos and video. Still, I’m filled with joy after the day’s events. Our team spent some memorable moments with children in a local orphanage during the morning hours. In […]

WMM Uganda Trip: A New Song – Zephaniah 3:14

It’s incredible to witness a talented songwriter in action. During our layover in Washington DC, we enjoyed a relaxing evening around the fire pit at Kurt’s sister’s house. It’s customary for Kurt and the WMM team to write a song for each trip they take. They usually team up with the local musicians to create a […]

WMM Uganda Trip: Arriving in Kampala

We made it to Africa! It’s been a pretty intense two solid days of travel, and our team is wiped out. Our travels from DC to Dubai to Kampala were arduous, but not without their joys. For starters, we were treated to a beautiful display and full moon in the sky during our flight to […]

WMM Uganda Trip – Day 1: Off to DC

The World Music Mission team is on mission to Kampala, Uganda. We’ll be teaming up with East African Gospel Mission to host a worship music conference for several students. Our first stop is a layover in Washington DC, where we stayed with Kurt’s sister, Eileen. We were treated like kings, which was a nice way […]

On Mission to Uganda, Africa

Dear friends, I have some very exciting news! I have been asked to join a team with World Music Mission that will be traveling to Uganda, Africa next month. “What is World Music Mission?” you might be asking. World Music Mission, or WMM, was co-founded by a good friend of mine as a “multi-national network of […]

California Coast Trip Video

At long last, I’ve finished the video for my California Coast Trip. Much of this footage was taken with my quadcopter, and the rest was hand-held. This was one of my first attempts and creating a video of any kind, and I’m thoroughly pleased with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it!

Celebrating Independence in Sewanee, Tennessee

My girlfriend Briana and I took a short but sweet camping trip to Sewanee to celebrate Independence Day this year. Briana lived in Sewanee during her high school years, so she knew the turf pretty well. We also invited my roommate Roy, as well as our friend Raychel. It turned out to be a great […]