Holly Tree Gap – Franklin, TN | Kevin Scott Banks

Holly Tree Gap – Franklin, TN

My sister Kaylee and I had the itch to get out and enjoy the fall colors here in Nashville. Fall is certainly one of my favorites times of the year. If you know me, you know that I love color, especially when I have a camera in my hands. In this case, I had one in my hands, and another in the air.

I recently purchased a quadcopter, which I’ve affectionately named “Scoobie.” We’ve been getting more acquainted as each passing week goes by. I’m thoroughly amazed by the views I’m afforded through the air. I really can’t get enough.

For this afternoon, we chose to explore a back road in Franklin, called Holly Tree Gap Road.


You can see Kaylee in this photo, as just a speck to the left.Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0002_151102

The clouds parted and let a vivid blue sky show through. As soon as I saw this setting, I ran back to my car to grab my Graduated Neutral Density Filter. “What’s that?” you say – it’s a piece of hard plastic that goes in front of the camera lens. It darkens the sky, so it’s not blown out, while leaving the foreground the same. It’s perfect for scenes like this where you have a bright sky but a darker foreground. This is one of my favorite images in a long time.Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0003_151102 Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0004_151102 Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0006_151102 Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0005_151102 Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0007_151102 Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0008_151102

As we were heading home, I got an important phone call from a friend. We pulled over to the side of the road, which gave me the perfect opportunity to capture the sunset, and even snatch a shot of an unsuspecting Kaylee.Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0009_151102 Bankstameet_8_Holly_Tree_Gap_Road_0010_151102

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