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Lake Tahoe – Blue and Beautiful

It’s hard to believe I grew up only an hour from Lake Tahoe. I never realized how good I had it until I moved away from Northern California! Tahoe is home to some of the best skiing in the entire country. It’s nestled into the Sierra foothills on the border of California and Nevada, and it is a snow-lover’s paradise.

Even though it was sunny and 65 degrees, there was still a blanket covering of snow on all the mountainsides yesterday. It showed no signs of melting, despite the fair weather. I was reminded of just how spectacular this special place is. I only wish we’d had more time to stop and enjoy all the beauty we saw. Alas, I was very thankful for a day well spent perusing the lake, and taking in the majestic views.

Of course, we had to visit our old stomping grounds in Newcastle on the way to Tahoe. Our family had a very special property on Long Valley Dr. during my high school years. I have a lot of fond memories there. In fact, my love of photography began on those five acres!


I’ll give you fair warning: you’re about to see a lot of trees! You can’t visit Tahoe and avoid the trees. They’re everywhere. And they’re fantastic.

Lake_Tahoe_0002_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0003_160318

The aerial shots in Tahoe were some of the best I’ve ever taken. I was stunned at how blue and clear the water was.

Lake_Tahoe_0004_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0005_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0006_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0007_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0008_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0009_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0010_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0011_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0012_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0013_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0014_160318

We started on the North shore of the lake, and gradually made our way South. We timed it so we’d be in Emerald Bay on the South side just as the sun was setting. The lighting on the trees was truly incredible.

Lake_Tahoe_0015_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0016_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0017_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0018_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0019_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0020_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0021_160318 Lake_Tahoe_0022_160318

Of course I was hoping for another fancy sunset photograph. But as Kaylee pointed out, it’s hard to see the sun setting when you’re surrounded by trees! I settled for this view of the lake and snowy peakes as the last light was fading.


After a rewarding but short day, I’ve resolved to return to Lake Tahoe and spend a lot more time exploring. No doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful places in all of California.

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