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Muletown Musings on a Monday

Well my sister Kaylee and I took a wee break from our “Bankstameets” over the past year. The last one we went on was our California Coast trip a full year ago. I guess it was so epic that we needed some time off.

In any case, we decided to resurrect our tradition, and recently had a little adventure to “Muletown,” also known as Columbia, Tennessee. It’s a small town several miles Southwest of Nashville. Kaylee’s been there a few times, and she knew of a hipster coffee shop right on the square. So that’s where we started.

Having travelled all over this part of the country, I know that most small town squares look very similar. I have to hand it to Muletown, though. Their square is a little more interesting than the average. For starters, their capitol building sports some very unique architecture.

After coffee, we set off on foot to explore some of the downtown surroundings.

The obligatory double window selfie…

A nifty old tire shop.

When it comes to photography, old buildings never get old.

Not sure what she was going for here, but it made for a cool photo.

Next, Kaylee steered us towards a certain large farm property outside of Spring Hill. Word had it that there was a vintage barn and some other interesting sights to see.

Being in the right place and the right time with camera in hand is such a rewarding feeling! The sunset lighting was brilliant, and a deep blue sky and puffy clouds made for this wonderful landscape.

I experienced something for the first time on this trip: a silo. Who knew they were so fascinating to look up inside?

I’ll make a landscape photographer out of her yet…

I’m glad I took a second look inside the old barn. There was some neat farm equipment stowed away. Wonder how long it’s sat there.

I really enjoyed the chance to get outside and breathe some fresh air. As always, Kaylee was a fun companion :).

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