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Nighty Flying with the Roomies

It really pays to have a pilot for a roommate. My roommate Nate was generous to take a couple of us out with him last night. He needed to keep practicing his night flying, so we headed out right as the sun was setting. Our friend and former roommate Michael got to join us for his first ever flight in a small plane!

Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0007_151115 Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0001_151115

One of the best things about Michael is his smile. He’s always smiling.


Spectacular sky as we were getting ready for takeoff. Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0002_151115

Portrait of man who takes his flying seriously. Here Nate is checking some important fluid level pre-flight. Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0003_151115

Checking some other important level.

Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0005_151115 Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0009_151115

First time for me flying in a Skyhawk. It’s a sweet plane!Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0004_151115 Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0010_151115 Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0011_151115 Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0008_151115

View of the from the backseat, just after takeoff, with the last bit of sunlight in the background. I love the reflection of the city lights on the underside of the wing.Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0013_151115 Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0014_151115

We flew to Lebanon for some practice takeoffs and landings. Here’s the view of the cockpit as we approached the runway.Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0015_151115

Approaching the Nashville airport on our way back.Night_Flight_Nate_Tuttle_Kevin_0016_151115

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