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On Mission to Uganda, Africa

Dear friends,

I have some very exciting news! I have been asked to join a team with World Music Mission that will be traveling to Uganda, Africa next month.

“What is World Music Mission?” you might be asking. World Music Mission, or WMM, was co-founded by a good friend of mine as a “multi-national network of musicians who are passionate about using their gifts and talents in service to the Kingdom of God.”

Wow, I realize that’s a lot to take in. If I had to summarize what they’re all about, I’d say they travel around the globe and equip local musicians to write and play worship songs in their own native language and cultural style. The ultimate purpose is to spread the Gospel, the Good News about Jesus, to every nation and person. There’s much more to say about their mission and heart, and you can learn more on their website – http://www.worldmusicmission.org.

The next question you might have is, “Why are you going on this trip, Kevin?” Simply put, I’m going because I was asked to go. I’ve had a desire to travel to Africa for many years. Perhaps like you, I receive lots of letters and magazines highlighting mission work overseas. Personally, I’m always drawn to the images in those publications. I’ve found myself thinking, “I would love to go and serve with my photography skills like that some day.”

Thanks to Kurt and WMM, today is that day. Even though they’ve taken many trips over the past several years, they have never had a professional photographer come with them. A quick look at their website reveals this reality – they need better photos! I believe photos can convey powerful truths and communicate the heart behind a mission like theirs. I believe in their mission – in fact, I’ve been helping support them personally for the past couple of years. And now, I have a chance to go and physically serve alongside them…I feel so honored!

Specifically, I’ve been asked to join a team visiting Kampala, Uganda this June. We will be partnering with East African Gospel Mission, and putting on a number of workshops to equip local musicians and worship leaders. My personal mission is simple – to document the trip. I’ll be taking photos (and a few videos too!) of everything that happens. In doing so, I will be empowering WMM to communicate their mission so much more effectively in the future. I believe the images I take will lead to greater awareness and support of their efforts in the coming years. And I believe that is well worth going!

“So why have I written and shared all of this with you?” The reason is because I value your friendship, and I need your support. I know I cannot undertake a trip like this alone. For a guy like me, Africa is a crazy place. I’m sure the enemy will be opposing our team every step of the way. With that in mind, here’s how we can partner together:

  1. Follow the Journey – I will be blogging and sharing photos and stories during the trip. I will add you to my email list once I hear back from you.

  2. Pray – before, during and after my trip. I believe prayer is powerful and effective. Will you pray that our efforts will be successful, that we will stay healthy and energized, and that God will multiply our service for his Kingdom?

  3. Make a Financial Investment – As with all such trips, there is a sizeable financial investment needed. I’m estimating the total will be around $2,800 for everything. My desire is to partner with you to fund this trip together. If you’re involved, we can share in the joys and the challenges together. Would prayerfully consider giving?

  • Give Online – you can also give online, directly through this link. Just select my name from the “Select Fund” drop down – https://actintl.givingfuel.com/wmm

  • Write a Check – you can make checks out to “WMM/ACT”, but please send them to my home address. Send me a message if you’d like to go this route, and I’ll send you my address.

I’ve taken my time praying for this trip, and even specifically who to ask for support. Since the trip is coming up soon, I would greatly appreciate a speedy reply if you choose to give. I’m trusting God to provide the finances, and he just might want you to be a part of that plan!

– with thanks, Kevin

“All funds received for this trip are considered as gifts to World Music Mission/A.C.T. Intl and are tax deductible. While the gift you make will be credited to my portion of the funds required for the trip, in the event that I am unable to participate all monies raised will be used to offset the costs incurred for the trip or to fund ministries on the field where we are going to serve. Further, since my balance is due (2) weeks prior to date of departure, any donations received by WMM/ACT after that date may be applied to another later mission trip/project. Please do not decrease your normal giving to your home church in order to support this mission project.”

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