Pacific Coast Highway, Day 3 – Morro Bay to Santa Cruz | Kevin Scott Banks

Pacific Coast Highway, Day 3 – Morro Bay to Santa Cruz

“What did we do yesterday?”

That’s the question my sister just asked me. And it pretty much sums up how we feel at this point. It’s all a blur, a spectacular, awe-inspiring blur.

We’re sitting in a coffee shop in Santa Cruz, getting ready for our 4th and final day on the Pacific Coast Highway. We’re tired. We slurping down coffee trying to stay in the game. And we’re going to make it.

Yesterday we set out from Morro Bay on our way to my most anticipated destination on the coast – Monterey. I visited Monterey a few times when I was younger, but it had been almost a decade since my last visit. A lot has changed in my life since then, including my photography skills. I was so excited to return to this scenic place, and have my camera with me this time!

On the way to Monterey, we stopped to catch the sunrise. Since the West Coast faces West, I wasn’t sure how the sunrises would be, since, ya know, the sun rises in the East. But the morning light was very pretty.

PCH_Day3_0002_160316 PCH_Day3_0003_160316 PCH_Day3_0004_160316 PCH_Day3_0005_160316 PCH_Day3_0006_160316 PCH_Day3_0007_160316 PCH_Day3_0008_160316 PCH_Day3_0001_160316 PCH_Day3_0009_160316

We had to stop in Big Sur for a view of the famed Bixby Bridge.

PCH_Day3_0012_160316 PCH_Day3_0013_160316 PCH_Day3_0014_160316 PCH_Day3_0011_160316

Then on to Carmel. Love the little town area and all the shops!

PCH_Day3_0015_160316 PCH_Day3_0016_160316 PCH_Day3_0017_160316 PCH_Day3_0018_160316 PCH_Day3_0019_160316 PCH_Day3_0020_160316

iPhone shot of the bird man 😉

Photo Mar 16, 3 07 25 PM

Next up was Monterey and 17 Mile Drive. I’ve never driven this famous route, and I was dying to see it. But before we could start, I had to pay a visit to one of the most iconic golf courses in the world: Pebble Beach.

PCH_Day3_0021_160316 PCH_Day3_0022_160316 PCH_Day3_0023_160316

Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat dinner overlooking the 18th green at Pebble Beach.

Photo Mar 16, 5 57 46 PM

And some guy named Ben Roethlisberger decided to crash our dinner and sit at the table across from us:

Photo Mar 16, 5 44 03 PM

PCH_Day3_0024_160316 PCH_Day3_0025_160316 PCH_Day3_0026_160316 PCH_Day3_0027_160316 PCH_Day3_0028_160316 PCH_Day3_0029_160316 PCH_Day3_0030_160316 PCH_Day3_0031_160316 PCH_Day3_0032_160316 PCH_Day3_0033_160316

The views along 17 Mile Drive are truly stunning. I could spend a week just photographing along that road.

PCH_Day3_0034_160316 PCH_Day3_0035_160316 PCH_Day3_0036_160316 PCH_Day3_0037_160316

Even though I’m beyond tired, I mustered up the energy for at least one more round of sunset photographs. This really is my favorite thing to do as a photographer. Everyone else has packed up and left the beach to go to dinner. It’s getting cold and dark…and my job is just beginning. I searched for just the right spot along the rocks – looking for an interesting composition, but staying far enough away from the crashing waves. I found my spot and did my thing. And boy oh boy, what a view!

PCH_Day3_0038_160316 PCH_Day3_0039_160316 PCH_Day3_0040_160316 PCH_Day3_0041_160316

Special thanks to Kaylee for capturing a couple shots of me doing my thing!


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