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The Many Colors of Radnor Lake

These last couple of weeks in Nashville have brought unbelievably beautiful weather. How can you resist a weekend hike at Radnor Lake, Nashville’s hidden-but-not-so-secret nature park? That’s exactly what my girlfriend Briana and I did yesterday.

I challenged myself by only bringing one lens – a Nikon 58mm F1.4. It’s my new favorite lens, mostly because of the soft, creamy bokeh(the way the out of focus blur looks in the images). I can’t get enough of it.


Thankfully Bri spotted these beauties as we were walking into the park.radnor_lake_with_belle_0001_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0002_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0003_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0004_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0005_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0006_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0007_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0008_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0009_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0010_161113

This is kind of our thing 🙂

radnor_lake_with_belle_0011_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0012_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0013_161113

Feeling like a lucky guy right about now 🙂


Remember to look up everyone once in awhile.

radnor_lake_with_belle_0015_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0016_161113

The reflection on the still water as dusk was setting in was spectacular.radnor_lake_with_belle_0017_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0018_161113

Love the way the branches in the foreground frame this shot.

radnor_lake_with_belle_0019_161113 radnor_lake_with_belle_0020_161113

If you’re in Nashville, make sure to get out and enjoy these last few weeks of fall. Leave a comment if you know of any other good local spots to hike and photograph!


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