Snow Day in Nashville! | Kevin Scott Banks

Snow Day in Nashville!

Where I grew up in California, we never had snow. We have hilarious footage of my brother and me freaking out the one time there was a tiny bit of white dusting.

Because of this lack of childhood snow antics, I think I resort to being an 8 year old whenever it snows now. I love it. I can’t wait to get out and go play.

Snow also brings with it some incredible photo opportunities. The crisp whites and contrasting dark colors on snow days are a photographer’s delight. With that in mind, here are some fun shots I’ve captured over the past couple of days here in Nashville.

A few aerial shots near Christ Church in Nashville. How cool are the snowflakes streaking across the screen!Snow_Day_0001_160209 Snow_Day_0002_160209 Snow_Day_0003_160209 Snow_Day_0004_160209 Snow_Day_0005_160209

My buddy Eric group up in Africa, where they didn’t get a lot of snow. A portrait of him in the snow was a fitting update.

Snow_Day_0006_160209 Snow_Day_0007_160209 Snow_Day_0008_160209

The Ellington Ag Center is close to my house, and always great to photograph.Snow_Day_0009_160209 Snow_Day_0010_160209 Snow_Day_0011_160209

Even the view from above my house was worth seeing on this beautiful morning.Snow_Day_0012_160210 Snow_Day_0013_160210 Snow_Day_0014_160210

Love the way the sunlight looks so warm, and casts such long shadows.Snow_Day_0015_160210

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