Super Moon Lunar Eclipse | Kevin Scott Banks

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

For the first time since 1982, there was a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse. Since I wasn’t around in 1982, I decided it was worth heading out to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon. My sister Kaylee joined me, which made this our 6th Bankstameet. It seems like they get cooler every time.

We settled on Love Circle in Nashville for our vantage point. There weren’t too many people when we got there, and we had a great view of the city. At first, the clouds were completely blocking the moon, but then it slowly started to appear.Super_Moon_0001_150927 Super_Moon_0002_150927

Despite the cool factor of the actual moon, I think this shot of Kaylee might be my favorite of the night. I made her sit still for….ever. Thanks Kaylee!


There were several friendly folks on top of the hill taking in the excitement. There were also dogs, children, and obnoxious teenage girls. We managed.Super_Moon_0004_150927

More cloud cover threatened to ruin our night, but finally this beauty emerged.


Blown up here for more detail. Maybe by 2033 when this happens again, I’ll have a longer lens and can get even more detail. Super_Moon_0006_150927

We exclamation-pointed the night with tea and hot chocolate at Pinewood Social. Their Askinosie Original Hot Cocoa is life-changingly good.

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