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Muletown Musings on a Monday

Well my sister Kaylee and I took a wee break from our “Bankstameets” over the past year. The last one we went on was our California Coast trip a full year ago. I guess it was so epic that we needed some time off. In any case, we decided to resurrect our tradition, and recently […]

A Perfect Touch of Lightning

It’s been far too long since I took my camera out just for fun. No clients. No expectations. Just me and the scenery. Tonight I had nothing planned. It’s Christmas break, and I’ve taken the week off from work, so there hasn’t been much going on all week. Earlier in the week, I made a […]

A Night On the German-town

Amazing things can happen with a camera AFTER the sun sets.  I still remember when I was first learning about photography, while living in Hawaii. I would stay out super late, practicing long exposure shots after dark. I was fascinated by the effects I could create with a still image and a long exposure. It […]

Music City Hot Air Balloon Festival

Apparently once a yearly tradition in Nashville, the Music City Hot Air Balloon Festival returned for the first time in over a decade. I can confirm that for a few days leading up to the event, it was absolutely the hottest ticket in town. Everyone was looking for tickets, some people even frantically. It turned […]