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The Master’s Work on Display in Nashville

Man oh man do I love Fall in Nashville! When it comes to landscape photography, color is the number one element that makes a great image in my opinion. Yes, composition and lighting are crucially important, but I think color is what really makes an image pop.

I had a little spare time this past weekend, and couldn’t resist capturing some of the beautiful fall colors here in Tennessee.

These first few were taken at the Ellington Agricultural Center in South Nashville. It’s one of my favorite family photo destinations, and truth be told, these were taken during a recent session šŸ™‚

ellington_ag_center_0001_161102 ellington_ag_center_0002_161102 ellington_ag_center_0003_161102

Love the spectrum of Red to Yellow to Green in this one!

ellington_ag_center_0004_161102 ellington_ag_center_0005_161102 ellington_ag_center_0006_161102

A couple more random shots from a recent exploration around town…

fall_in_nashville_0001_161031 fall_in_nashville_0002_161031


My friend Bobby called me up last week with a great idea…”Let’s go take pictures this weekend,” he said. He didn’t have to twist my arm, I happily obliged. We decided on a visit to the Natchez Trace Parkway.

We made a pit stop at the Double Arch Bridge over Highway 96, since Bobby hadn’t ever seen it before. I’ve photographed the bridge before, so this time, I kept my zoom lens on and tried to get some cool detail shots.

ellington_ag_center_0002_161105 ellington_ag_center_0003_161105 ellington_ag_center_0004_161105 ellington_ag_center_0005_161105

Earlier last week, I’d driven out to the Trace on my day off, with the idea of capturing some aerial images. I got all the way out there only to realize that I’d left my memory card for my drone behind! I was totally bummed. So this time, I made sure to have my memory card with me, and found sweet redemption in the photos I captured.

ellington_ag_center_0019_161105 ellington_ag_center_0021_161105

Bobby suggested we stop and hike one of the trails along the Trace, the name of which is escaping me. Chalk up another great idea to Bobby. There were lots of pretty trees, leaves, and other details to be seen and photographed.

ellington_ag_center_0006_161105 ellington_ag_center_0007_161105 ellington_ag_center_0008_161105 ellington_ag_center_0009_161105 ellington_ag_center_0010_161105 ellington_ag_center_0011_161105 ellington_ag_center_0012_161105 ellington_ag_center_0013_161105

As we approached the trail head, we crossed paths with an elderly gentlemen who was hiking all by himself. He seemed friendly and eager to chat, so we stopped and talked for a few minutes. Apparently, it was his first time hiking this particular trail, and it was ours too. I stepped back to snag a candid portrait of him, but he saw my intentions, and quickly went about fixing his cap šŸ˜‰

ellington_ag_center_0014_161105 ellington_ag_center_0025_161105 ellington_ag_center_0023_161105 ellington_ag_center_0024_161105

We drove a little further South on the Trace and found another trail to hike for a bit. All in all, it was a wonderful day to be outside and enjoying the Master’s creativity on display. I’m thankful for Fall, for the colors, for beautiful landscapes, and for good friends. What are you thankful for this season?

ellington_ag_center_0015_161105 ellington_ag_center_0016_161105 ellington_ag_center_0017_161105 ellington_ag_center_0020_161105 ellington_ag_center_0022_161105

Here’s a bonus aerial video made with my Phantom 3 drone:

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