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The Outer Banks

I’ve always wondered what a destination wedding would be like. This summer, I got my answer.

My friend Chris and his fiancée Stacy chose the Outer Banks in North Carolina as their wedding destination…it was easy to see why. They invited all of their friends out for a week of fun and celebration. My friend Andrew and my younger brother Cam joined me, and we road-tripped it all the way. For me, it was a really relaxing long weekend; a great time to unwind, enjoy the peace of the ocean, and help celebrate the wonderful commitment of two friends in marriage.

From the first ride in on the back of the pickup truck, I knew this was going to be an amazing week for photos.Outer_Banks_0001_150903 Outer_Banks_0002_150903 Outer_Banks_0003_150903

Yes, there were wild horses roaming the beaches. No, they weren’t friendly, and didn’t let us pet them 🙁

Outer_Banks_0004_150903 Outer_Banks_0005_150903 Outer_Banks_0006_150903 Outer_Banks_0007_150903  Outer_Banks_0009_150903

My bro Cam got to crash the wedding. He arrived only knowing the groom, but he left as everyone’s friend. That guy has a unique ability to make friends fast.Outer_Banks_0010_150903

The sweet, sweet mansion we called home for the weekend.Outer_Banks_0013_150903

Meet the ring-bearer, Belle. She kept the energy levels high the entire time. Belle is a beautiful, purebred golden retriever.

Outer_Banks_0014_150903 Outer_Banks_0016_150904 Outer_Banks_0017_150904 Outer_Banks_0018_150904 I think the outdoor amenities topped even the fantastic interior of the mansion.

Outer_Banks_0021_150904 Outer_Banks_0024_150904 Holy cow, the mix of the sand dunes and the pretty skies was spectacular!

Outer_Banks_0025_150904  Outer_Banks_0027_150904 Outer_Banks_0028_150904I was shooting this sand dune when suddenly a flock of seagulls flew directly overhead. It was a classic case of being in the right place at the right time.

Outer_Banks_0030_150904 Outer_Banks_0032_150904  Outer_Banks_0034_150904    Outer_Banks_0039_150904

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