Pacific Coast Highway, Day 1- Santa Monica to Santa Barbara | Kevin Scott Banks

Pacific Coast Highway, Day 1- Santa Monica to Santa Barbara

At last, our road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway has begun!

This is the part of the trip I’ve been most looking forward to. The ocean is like healing therapy for me. I could stare at it all day, every day. So driving along the ocean for four straight days, stopping along the way to soak up the sun and the sights, is something I’ve been anticipating with anxious excitement for months.

We left our aunt and uncle’s house in Los Angeles this morning. I must say they were such gracious hosts! It was so good to catch up with them for the first time in several years. On a side note, they are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary next month. We commemorated their amazing accomplishment with a special photo session at their favorite local beach.


As we hit the road this morning, it was gloomy, and even started sprinkling…not the kind of weather we wanted to start our coastal road trip with. However, by the time we made it to our first destination, we’d left the gloom and doom behind. Our first stop was Santa Monica, known for its famous pier.

CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0001_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0002_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0003_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0004_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0005_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0006_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0007_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0008_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0009_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0010_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0011_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0012_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0013_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0014_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0015_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0016_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0017_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0018_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0019_160314

We continued to make our way North, stopping in Malibu and Ventura along the way. I probably screamed out loud a dozen times, “This is amazing! I love the ocean! The weather is so perfect right now!” Because seriously, it is, I do, and it was :).

CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0020_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0021_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0022_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0023_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0024_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0025_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0026_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0027_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0028_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0029_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0030_160314

We landed in Santa Barbara in the early evening, and checked in to our first of three nights in three different Airbnb stays along the coast. This is our first time trying Airbnb, and so far, so good. Kaylee is currently snoozing on the top bunk of our “private, cozy, detached suite,” while I’m typing away at my blog post :).

CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0031_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0032_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0033_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0034_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0035_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0036_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0037_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0038_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0039_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0040_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0041_160314

We did a bit of research on where to catch the sunset, and ultimately settled on a place called More Mesa. It was a stunner, a complete winner! We had to hike probably a mile to get from our car to the lookout spot, but it was totally worth it. I made a point to stop from my photographing and just really take in this special view. I feel so at peace in moments like this, where it’s just me and my camera and a gorgeous sunset. My heart is full tonight!

CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0042_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0043_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0044_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0045_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0046_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0047_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0048_160314 CA_Trip_PCH_Coast_Trip_0049_160314

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