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The Smoky Mountains

When my roommate told me he was filming a wedding in the Smoky Mountains, I jumped at the chance to tag along as his assistant. It’s been over 7 years since I’ve been to the Smokies, and I’ve been dying to get back.

We stayed at a stunning resort just outside of the national park. It featured a gazebo with a spectacular view of the valley, and a nice chapel for hosting the wedding ceremony.

Smokies_0001_150910 Smokies_0002_150910 Smokies_0003_150910 Smokies_0012_150910 Smokies_0005_150910 Smokies_0004_150910 Smokies_0006_150910 Smokies_0008_150910 Smokies_0009_150910 Smokies_0007_150910

The clouds rolling through the hills are so cool to look at, especially from a higher vantage point!Smokies_0010_150910 Smokies_0011_150910 Smokies_0013_150910 Smokies_0014_150910

Yes it’s true, I tease tourists all the time for freaking out over ordinary deer. But a visit to Cade’s Cove and a telephoto lens allowed me the opportunity to get some great images of these normally ordinary animals.

Smokies_0016_150911 Smokies_0015_150911 Smokies_0017_150911 Smokies_0018_150911 Smokies_0019_150911 Smokies_0020_150911

We couldn’t spend a morning in a foggy valley without a few portraits…

Smokies_0021_150911 Smokies_0022_150911 Smokies_0023_150911 Smokies_0024_150911 Smokies_0025_150911 Smokies_0026_150911 Smokies_0027_150911 Smokies_0028_150911 Smokies_0029_150911 Smokies_0030_150911

 My roommate was trying out his new drone helicopter for the first time. We had an absolute blast flying it around for the weekend, especially at Cade’s Cove. There’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to flying the drone and learning how to take great aerial images. I think I’ll be buying my own drone soon!

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0063.JPG Smokies_0031_150911 Smokies_0033_150911 Smokies_0034_150911 Smokies_0035_150911

Thanks for checking out my new photo blog. I plan to keep posting photos from my trips and any other interesting things I photograph around Nashville. 

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