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WMM Uganda Trip: Arriving in Kampala

We made it to Africa! It’s been a pretty intense two solid days of travel, and our team is wiped out. Our travels from DC to Dubai to Kampala were arduous, but not without their joys.

For starters, we were treated to a beautiful display and full moon in the sky during our flight to Dubai.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0001_160916 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0002_160916

Golden sunrise light on a large range of sand dunes, somewhere in Saudi Arabia.


Landed in Dubai. It’s quite a dusty place. We’re hoping to have more time to explore the city on our way back home.


The Airbus is a GIGANTIC plane! The Emirates staff and their plane were both top notch.


Our first view of the African continent. This is Lake Victoria, a large and scenic lake outside Kampala.


wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0007_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0008_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0009_160917

Praising God for safe travels to Africa.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0010_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0011_160917

Meet Samson, co-founder of East African Gospel Mission and the host of our trip. His smile says it all. He’s awesome. Look for him to a be a returning character this week.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0012_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0013_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0014_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0015_160917

We had an interesting if not slightly death-defying car ride from the airport to our hotel in Kampala. The roads reminded me of my trip to India. Unorganized chaos that somehow just works.

I loved the colors and the vibrant street life along the way.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0016_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0017_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0018_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0019_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0020_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0021_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0022_160917

We checked into our hotel and made a run to the local grocery store for some high quality H20.


A little cafe at the hotel where we’re staying. I tried the fried chicken and french fries last night…not bad.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0024_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0025_160917

The hotel is pretty nice, considering the location. We’re feeling fortunate. Kurt lead us in some stretches in the serene garden area behind the hotel.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0026_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0027_160917

After that, it was game time. Even though our worship music conference doesn’t kick off until Wednesday, there are a lot of preparations that still need to take place. Kurt has a HUGE heart for teaching, which quickly became apparent this evening.

He poured out his wisdom and vision for the conference to Samson and Brian, another co-founder of East African Gospel Mission. It was really encouraging to witness their dialogue, and see two very different cultures begin to come together to create this week of worship and education.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0028_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0029_160917

The “Brians”, their Brian and our Brian 🙂

wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0030_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0031_160917 wmm_uganda_2016_day_2_0032_160917

Here is today’s recap video:

Tomorrow, we’re planning to head to church with Samson, then continue the planning process for the conference. Stay tuned for much more!

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