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WMM Uganda Trip: Building on the Foundation

The second day of the World Music Mission Conference is in the books. Our team gathered together late last night to discuss what worked and how we could improve on the first day. I’m pleased to say that we put our ideas into action and had a successful day!

We saw many new faces today, and again the Spirit of God was among us.

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Pastor Brian built on the foundation he laid yesterday on the topic of discipleship. I especially appreciated his analogy of walking alongside another person. It was a powerful visual example of what true discipleship looks like: putting our arm around a fellow brother or sister, and walking together with them.

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Pastor Anthony got off easy on the first day, but he got his turn on the microphone today. That man has a gift for speaking the word of God. His engaging style of teaching keeps the students tuned in to the heart of his message.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0014_160922 wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0015_160922 wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0016_160922

African Pastor Brian Ssali also runs a ministry apart from his leadership with EA Gospel, and being a father to over twenty orphans! We had a mini photoshoot sporting his ministry’s polo shirts in the afternoon.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0018_160922  wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0021_160922  wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0025_160922 wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0026_160922Samson had the interviews going strong. He somehow manages to be everywhere all the time. I marvel at his ability to lead and continue to cast vision. In fact, as I type this, I look to my right, and there he is speaking feverishly with two of his other staff members.


Kurt inspired the students with another level of wisdom and education, going deeper than the day before.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0030_160922 wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0031_160922

At the end of the day, Samson surprised all of us with a very special moment. He called up the entire EA Gospel media team. All of these young men have been in my photography class the past two days. He praised their work, gave them a word of encouragement, and then invited me to come up and pray for them. What an honor! I believe in these men and the creative work they’re doing.

Unfortunately, they are currently limited in communicating the vision of EA Gospel. The reason for this is a lack of resources. Before this trip, they didn’t own any camera gear, and had almost no equipment for producing media. They’re finding a way to make it work by renting gear and using lower quality settings. This really breaks my heart. They need more resources! They need better cameras, better lenses, and better computers. They have heart, they have passion, they have creativity, but they need help transforming all of this into real change.

This is something I’ve resolved to ponder and pray about. I want to help this group of fellow artists.


Kurt wrapped up the day with a bonus class, called “Songwriting as a Means for Learning Music Theory.” Though it’s an optional class, he’s had a full group of students both days so far.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0033_160922 wmm_uganda_trip_day_7_0034_160922

This one needs no caption 🙂


We are anticipating a greater turnout for the last two days of the conference. The reviews from the students have been overwhelmingly positive so far. I wish you could see each and every one of the smiles on their faces throughout the day. Look for a recap video of the entire conference soon!

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