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WMM Uganda Trip – Day 1: Off to DC

The World Music Mission team is on mission to Kampala, Uganda. We’ll be teaming up with East African Gospel Mission to host a worship music conference for several students.

Our first stop is a layover in Washington DC, where we stayed with Kurt’s sister, Eileen. We were treated like kings, which was a nice way to rest and prepare for our time in Africa.

We’re about to board a flight for Dubai, then catch a connection to Uganda. Enjoy these shots from the road!


Kurt Coble, our fearless leader.


Anthony Furlow, our trip comedian, musician, and theologian.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_1_0002_160915 wmm_uganda_2016_day_1_0004_160915 wmm_uganda_2016_day_1_0005_160915

Beautiful architecture at Reagan National Airport.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_1_0006_160915 wmm_uganda_2016_day_1_0009_160915

Brian Davis, newly ordained minister and bold sharer of faith.

wmm_uganda_2016_day_1_0007_160915 wmm_uganda_2016_day_1_0008_160915

My first look at the Pentagon in person!


Lots of jokes and laughter so far. Preparing for the hard work ahead.


Eileen’s fortress of solitude outside of Downtown DC.


Here’s a little recap video from our first day:


Uganda here we come!

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