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WMM Uganda Trip: Let the Conference Begin

The first day of the World Music Mission Kampala Conference was a big success. It passed like a blur, but many awesome moments took place, and God was definitely among us!

Things have been going at a fast pace, with lots of students attending and lots of responsibilities for each of our team members. I’ll have to let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0002_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0001_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0007_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0021_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0036_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0008_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0004_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0020_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0006_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0010_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0009_160921

We started off the conference with a spirited time of worship music. Africans know how to do it right.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0014_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0013_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0015_160921

Kurt kicked off the teaching with a class on songwriting, and another on the Biblical Heritage of Musicianship. The students seemed to be locked in, taking notes, and soaking up the teaching.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0016_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0018_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0019_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0022_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0025_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0027_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0029_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0030_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0032_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0033_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0034_160921

When Pastor Brian and Pastor Anthony weren’t teaching, they spent time building relationships and having good conversations with some of the students.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0037_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0044_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0038_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0039_160921

After lunch, Pastor Brian spoke on the topic of “Passing it On,” encouraging the students to follow a biblical model of discipleship. Brian is a gifted preacher, and has a true heart for the things of God.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0042_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0043_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0046_160921

In the afternoon each day, we will be splitting up into “breakout groups,” where students can choose a subject that they want to grow deeper in. We’re offering guitar, vocals, piano and even a photography class taught by yours truly 🙂

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0047_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0048_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0051_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0052_160921

I’m telling you, these birds are MASSIVE!

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0053_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0055_160921

Who knew that their Pastor Brian had so many dance moves?!


Not quite sure what was happening with this guy, but the students thought he was hilarious.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0057_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0059_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0060_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0061_160921

So many wonderful faces in this place.

wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0062_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0063_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0064_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0065_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0071_160921 wmm_uganda_trip_day_6_0070_160921

After the conference had officially ended for the day, several of the guys who took my photography class stuck around to talk shop. They are a talented bunch of creatives, and are eager to learn more. We asked each other questions, and I found myself being inspired by them too.


Look for an update on day 2 of the conference very soon!

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